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I see mature cunt in your future!

Description: You can say whatever you want about fortune tellers, but we think they're phonies, and we've got the proof right here. This dude goes to see Cheyanne and says, "I want to know what's in my future." So, she decides to do a card reading. Bullshit, right? Exactly. First card, she says, "I see you've had no luck with the ladies lately." He has, he tells her. Then she says, "Well, I think things are gonna change for you. I see things starting to look up for you." Now, at his point, Cheyanne has basically stopped telling his fortune. She has become his fortune. She's going to make her prediction come true. And do you know how she's going to do that? Of course you know how. It's the oldest trick in the book. The ol' gypsy fortune teller suck and fuck. By the way, she didn't tell him that he would cum all over her big tits. But he probably could've guessed that.
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