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Sally is 59. Her stud is 24. Yeah, 24.

Description: When Sally D'Angelo was shooting this scene, her moans of pleasure filled the building. Make that screams of pleasure. Sally, a 59-year-old wife, mom, grandmother and first-timer, was having her old cunt fucked hard in the studio, and she was letting everyone in the building know how much she was enjoying herself.<br /> <br /> "I cum a lot when I have sex," big-titted Sally said.<br /> <br /> Other than the videographers and studio staff, most of the staff couldn't see what was going on behind closed doors. They could only hear. In all honesty, working became impossible. Getting work done isn't easy when all you can hear is a woman moaning, "Tell me you like that pussy!" and "You like fucking me, don't you?"<br /> <br /> So, Sally is 59. Rocky, her stud, is 24. She wants his tongue, she wants his cock and she doesn't care who knows it. She aggressively goes after her guy.<br /> <br /> "Do you want to stick your tongue in that pussy?" she says, then she rubs Rocky's crotch. "What do you have for me down there?" She pulls out his cock and sucks it hard and deep, then she gets fucked hard and deep, and she even eats her own pussy juices off his cock. In the end, she opens her mouth for cum.<br /> <br /> And that's what went on behind closed doors when Sally D'Angelo visited our studio.
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